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Textures of Light 2017


Ainsley is fascinated by the physical and metaphorical construction of cloth and its relation to body, memory and space.

Her original photographic images, capturing the essence of a moment, are transfigured and woven into three-dimensional structures. The double cloth jacquard weavings and hand-embroidered works merge both image and structure, creating an enhanced materiality through the sensuosity of the surface.

In exploring the surface texture, the focus is in both the detail and the whole of the woven image. This passage of movement elicits nearness and intimacy, engaging the audience in a more haptic experience, implicating touch in vision.

The Poppy, whilst it has become a symbol of a lost generation, this simple flower has been rendered in thread in the weaving Held, capturing its fragile luminosity as it catches the light.

'Where Echo Talks', captures the essence of a moment within the beauty of ephemeral nature and the transience of life.

Bluebell Wood

Forget me not

Held Poppy

Sky Walking Through Clouds of Sorrow

Where Echo Talks Weaving