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Parallax 2004

The now Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia which opened in 1973 was originally built by convicts in the 1860’s. The building is an example of Australian Gothic Architecture and opened Lunatic Asylum in 1864 before becoming a Poor House for Women – to be known as the Women’s Home.

The installations Parallax considers the actual space and representations of the space transfigured into woven structures.

Parallax: The apparent differences in the position of objects and forms caused by the shift in position of the viewer.

Objects and forms are often the focus of our attention rather than space or movement in space. Dimension and form alone do not wholly define space, rather the spatial experience is bound up in the dynamic perception of the viewer.

The diaphanous structures of the weavings alludes to space, indicating rather than enclosing. Traversing forms take shape, shift and fade into one another blurring the boundaries.

If the work elicits a call to move, it also suggests a notion of interaction. Through movement a determinate point of view gives way to an indeterminate flow of perspectives.

The impossibility of locating a definitive focal point creates feelings of displacement. Undulating in response to movement, contemplation of memory and experience become inherent to each individual’s encounter in the parallax of the unfolding space.

The exhibition was part of the International Conference Space Between, Perth Western Australia

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